What is ICU? In depth

The Dixon High and Middle Schools are very excited about the ICU program that is now part of our curriculum implementation. First, it’s worth clarifying what ICU really is. The acronym ICU means just what you think it does: “Intensive Care Unit”.  ICU provides a time for students that may require more individualized instruction to work with teachers in the specific content areas requiring attention. ICU is not optional for students. What is the focus of the ICU program – LEARNING! School is about learning from the first day to the last day of school. 

                How does this happen - turning in all assignments or redoing poorly worked assignments! How can this be accomplished - teachers, coaches, administration, and most importantly parent involvement. To have everyone involved we must provide communication between the teachers and parents, the program will initiate a text message and email message telling the parent that their child has not turned in an assignment that was due that day. For this reason it is crucial to keep your cell phone and email updated in our office. As a parent, it’s important to remember that ICU is not a negative intervention. It’s a chance to address academic issues quickly and in a timely manner so that other issues do not arise. Please talk with your children about their assignments and how ICU will work - it’s all a beneficial part of creating more responsibility and communication with our DMS/DHS students.

                You will find teachers in the Dixon District value a strong work ethic in completing work with quality assignments that show student learning that meets learning expectations and standards, and the staff values working together to provide time and support to help every student learn. What does that mean for the student – no zeros, all work done at a proficient level which leads to higher levels of student learning and higher grades! Students will be graded on what you learn! Late work will have a maximum 11% deduction for a late assignment – this means when completing a 100 point late assignment with no mistakes, you will still receive an 89%; this gives a true depiction of what the student has learned.

                Our goal in the Dixon District is student mastery of the subject and look forward to all of our students completing EVERY assignment with a high level of quality.

Please contact your child’s school if you have any questions or concerns, 573-759-7163
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