DHS Student Handbooks



Dixon High School Motto


DHS: Dedicated to Higher Standards


Dixon R-I School District Mission


To create a learning community that maximizes each student’s opportunity for success.


Dixon R-I School District Vision


The vision of the Dixon Schools includes providing safe and secure facilities conducive for learning for pre-kindergarten to graduation in an environment that meets the diverse learning needs of all students. The district will operate in an appropriately disciplined atmosphere, free of violence, drugs and alcohol, and the district will strive to promote an atmosphere of mutual respect between the learner and teacher. Highly educated teachers will use innovative teaching practices with diverse instructional methodology and assessment. Students will have access to relevant technological tools and resources to support learning. Life-long learning will be fostered as students learn to apply their knowledge and demonstrate an effective skill that maximizes each student’s opportunity for success.

Table of Contents

General Information

                Graduation Requirements  4

                Graduation Policy                5

                School Website    6

                School Messenger               6

                Precedence of Board Policy              6

                Distribution of Materials     6

                Electronic Communication with students        7

                A+ Program           7

                Scheduling & Schedule Changes       9

                Failure of Required Courses              9

                Repeating a Class 9

                Class Status            9

                Unaccredited/Home School Transfers             10

                Special Education Services 10

                Early Graduation Requirements        10

                Part-Time Status   10

                FLEX Program       11

                Standardized Testing           11                                                           EOC Examinations                12

                Student Transcripts             13

                Withdrawal from School     13

                Homebound Instruction     13

                Reports to Parents               13

                Grade Changes     14

                Grade Point Average & Honor Roll   14

                Weighted Classes, Dual Enrollment, Online  & Dual Credit Classes            15

                Media Waiver       16

                Directory Information         16

                Eligibility Standards for Extra-Curricular Activities         17

                ISS & Extra-Curricular Activities        18

                Grades and Co-Curricular Trips/Activities       18

                Waynesville Career Center Eligibility Requirements     19

                Guidance               20

Student Activities

                Student Council    20

                Athletics, Activities, & Clubs              21

                Special Recognition Awards & Procedures     21

College & Career Guidance

                College & Career Information           22

                10th Grade Exploration – WCC           23

                Four Year Plans    23

                Scholarship & Financial Aid Information          24

Attendance Information

                Attendance Policy               24

                Excessive Absences & School Enrollment       26

                Final Exams & Attendance  26

                Truancy  26

                Tardy to Class        27

                Tardy to School    27

                Arrival at School   27

                Permits to Leave School     27

                Illness at School    28

                Closed Campus Lunch         28

                Off-Campus A+ Tutors/Teacher Aides             28

General Behavior Expectations

                Mutual Respect & Dignity   29

                General Behavior 29

                Dress & Grooming               29

                Automobiles & Parking Lot Procedures          30

                Visitors   31

                Safety Hazards, Annoyances, Electronic Devices           31

                Loss of Books & Equipment                31

                Destruction of School Property        32

                High School Office               32

                Hall Passes             32

                Food & Beverages               32

                Lunch Procedures               33

                Assemblies            33

                Eighth Hour           33

                Extracurricular Behavior    33

                Attendance at Extracurricular Activities          33

                Public Display of Affection 34

                Telephone Calls & Messages             34

                Students in the Building      34

                Student Initiation 34

                Authority of the School      34

                Disciplinary Action – Punishments   34

                Refusal of Punishment        36

                Searches                37

                Academic Honesty & Plagiarism        37

                Late Work Policy/Grading Policy/ICU               37

                Transportation      38

                Sexual Harassment              39

                Illegal Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco…………………………………………………………………….……..39

Safety Procedures

                Fire Drill/Tornado Drill/Lockdown Drill/Earthquake Drill             40

Student Services

                Free & Reduced Lunches   40

                Lost & Found        40

                Student Insurance               40

                Class Rings             41

                School Pictures    41

                Daily Bulletin         41

                Activity Calendar  41

                Lockers  41

Proper Procedure for Appeals            41

Bullying Policy           42

Bell Schedule  43

High School Personnel             44

General Information


Dixon High School Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate from Dixon High School, students are required to complete all of the following subject and credit requirements set by the Dixon Board of Education.


Dixon Required Subjects

Requirements for students graduating 2014 & beyond

Communication Arts

English I, II, III required (College English may replace English III)


4 credits



3 credits


Physical Science, Biology required


3 credits

Social Studies

American History, World History, and Government required


3 credits

Fine Arts


1 credit

Practical Arts

Computer Applications required


1 credit

Physical Education


1 credit



0.5 credit

Personal Finance


0.5 credit



8 credits



25 credits


Most colleges require the following:

  • 4 English:  credits should include at least 2 units that emphasize composition/writing skills; 1 unit may be speech or debate
  • Math:  credits should be Algebra I & above; most universities requires 4 units
  • Foreign Language:  2 units of the same foreign is required for most universities and strongly encouraged for most other universities


Graduation Policy

The Board of Education for the Dixon R-1 School District establishes the following graduation policy and instructs the administration to develop all necessary procedures for proper implementation.  



A student must meet the following requirements in order to graduate from the Dixon R-1 School District, unless one (1) of the stated exceptions applies.  The student must:


  1. Meet the attendance requirement for Dixon High School, which is eight full semesters.  This requirement may be waived only by the Dixon R-1 School Board of Education after a minimum of seven semesters and completion of the required number of credits.  


2.                   Complete a total of 25 credits in grades 9-12, including credits required by the State Board of Education.  


3.                   Pass proficiency exams concerning the United States Constitution, Missouri Constitution, American History and CPR.


4.                   Pay all charges, fines, and fees.



  1. Graduation requirements and grading scales for a student with a disability receiving special education services pursuant to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) may be determined according to the student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP).


2.                   Students transferring from another accredited Missouri school as a junior or senior who cannot reasonably complete the district’s requirements may be permitted to graduate based on the successful completion of a program of study that would have met the graduation requirements at the school formerly attended, including the requirement of (2) above.  


3.                   Stu