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Featured Article: "Student Life" by Audrey Eckert

Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”  - George Bernard Shaw

Every new school year brings about new changes with it. New lockers, new teachers, and new students are among these changes.  One of the biggest changes we have this year is having a new principle. 

Students are curious. What changes will he make? Will he enforce the dress code? Will he like us? Will we like him? Anytime there is new administration in a school, things will be different. A new staff brings their own ideas and experiences and we have to trust their judgment. This is not always easy, especially when we might not agree with the change taking place.

Let’s face it; change is hard to accept. We have a fear of the unknown, because we’re comfortable with how things are. When asked what he thought about change, Mr. Foerster said, “While there are a thousand ways to say it, change is a simple thing to say, but a difficult thing to implement.” He also said “For one, it is completely normal to feel nervous about having a change happen, but it’s okay to welcome change too, because anytime there is change, there is room for improvement. Secondly, it means you are stepping outside of your comfort zone.” He admitted that he also gets nervous about change. “I’ve been teaching for eleven years and every new school year I would get nervous about my class, and now, when I make a speech in front of people or students because of the fact that it is a change taking place.”

While we may be nervous about the changes taking place around us, it is inevitable.  The thing to remember is that we can put our trust in our parents, teachers, principle, and other administration to make the right decisions for our school. We need change to help us grow in life; otherwise, things would always stay the same. Don’t be afraid of change-embrace it. 

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