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Dixon Middle School

Cross Country
Coach: Jim Brown

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One CC Meet is not listed, the Frisco League CC Meet as it is not scheduled yet.  Once it is scheduled, one of the meets listed will be cancelled.

 Date Location Results
 9/7/16  Vienna

 9/10/16  Linn K. Anderson- 64th place (11:42); P. Blase- 91st;
J. Urban- 113th (12:46 season best); H. Wolfe- 138th
T. Monell- 75th (14:05 S. B.); E. Doyle- 88th (14:38 S.B.); A. Cash- 91st (14:53)
 9/15/16  Steelville K. Anderson- 10:47; J. Urban- 11:58 (SB);
H. Wolfe- 12:42
T. Monell- 13:13 (SB); E. Doyle- 13:38 (SB); A. Cash- 13:52; M. Murray- 20:38

"My kids ran many of their best times of the year. They continue to improve and get better every meet. Great job!"
 9/19/16  Plato  K. Anderson- 10:50 (10th Place Medalist); P. Blase- 11:11 (13th Place Medalist); J. Urban- 11:26 (15th Place Medalist); H. Wolfe- 12:59 (34th Place)
A. Cash- 14:42 (22nd Place); E. Doyle- 14:58 (24th Place); M. Murray- 21:04 (33rd Place)
 9/22/16  Belle  
 9/24/16  Hermitage K. Anderson- 12:20 (40th Place); P. Blase- 12:48 (54th Place); J. Urban- 12:52 (58th Place); A. Jordan- 13:53 (70th Place); H. Wolfe- 14:29 (92th Place)  There were 150 runners in this race. The boys finished 12th as a team out of 25.  This was their strongest team finish for the year.

E. Doyle- 14:47 (37th Place); A. Cash- 16:47 (59th Place); T. Monell- 16:57 (64th Place)  There were 90 runners in this race.
 9/28/16  St. James
K. Anderson- 9:43 (18th Place medalist); P. Blase- 11:07 (60th Place); J. Urban- 11:30 (82nd Place); A. Jordan- 11:38 (89th Place); H. Wolfe- 11:39 (90th Place)  There were 150 runners in this race. The boys finished 10th as a team out of 18.

E. Doyle- 12:48 (46th Place); T. Monell- 13:45 (71st Place); A. Cash- 13:47 (73rd Place); M. Murray- 20:53 (102nd Place)
 10/4/16  Cuba
 K. Anderson- 9:54 (28th Place); J. Urban- 10:29 (44th Place- SB); P. Blase- 11:01 (63rd Place- SB); A. Jordan- 11:12 (71st Place- SB); H. Wolfe- 11:13 (73rd Place- SB)  The boys finished 10th as a team.

E. Doyle- 12:58 (46th Place); A. Cash- 13:23 (50th Place); T. Monell- 13:58 (67th Place); M. Murray- 19:55 (98th Place- PB)
 10/10/16  Dixon (Oak Hills CC)
Kaden Anderson-  9:06(1st Place medalist);James Urban-10:32 (29th Place); Payton Blase- 10:32 (28th place); Anthony Jordan- 10:31 (27th place); Hayden Wolfe- 10:37 (31st Place)
4th as a team out of 10

Alyssa Cash- 12:18 (14th Place); Emma Doyle- 12:50 (17th place); Trish Monell- 12:51 (18th Place); Miranda Murray- 18:55 (23rd Place)
 10/22/16  Fatima  
 10/29/16  District CC Meet (TBA)
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